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Institutional Purchases

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If you are undecided as to whether you need to purchase a brand new computer, visit the Computer Replacement Cycle Program page before you buy anything. Replacement cycle computers or centrally funded computers are available for new faculty members in new full-time eligible positions with departments that are:

  1. Supported by TSS 
  2. Not solely funded with outside grants

If you are not sure whether you qualify for a centrally-funded computer, please contact the UIS Helpdesk

How to obtain a Centrally-Funded Computer

Contact the UIS Helpdesk to check whether we have a computer already in stock, a TSS team member will install it as soon as possible. 

If one is not available in stock, we will order one for you, if you are eligible. We order the Dell OptiPlex 755 desktop, the Dell Latitude D630 or D830 notebooks, and the Apple iMac under this program. If you need a computer with additional features,  the Main Campus Replacement Cycle Program will fund up to $1,200 for the total cost of a PC desktop, to include shipping, and up to $1,400 for a laptop or Apple computer.   Any additional costs will have to be charged to your department through a departmental cost center. If you currently have a 17" flat panel monitor or larger, these funds will not cover the purchase of a new monitor.

All centrally-funded computers are shipped directly to UIS. When the order arrives, the help desk will contact you to coordinate the delivery, installation and configuration of your system with UIS Technology Support Services (TSS) or your local system administrator. 

Centrally-funded computers must follow the ordering standards. If the computer is not a standard computer system, you will have to pay Georgetown University $75.00/hr for any future on-site hardware support.  We strongly advise against this, and would be glad to help you obtain information on a comparable computer that fits our standards and your business needs.

Payment Methods and Instructions

In order to purchase a Dell item with a PROCard, do the following:

  1. Obtain a price quote from Georgetown's Dell Premier Web site.
  2. Call Dell at 1-800-274-7799 and follow the prompts for educational institution purchasing. Note: You will need to place the order with our Dell representative when you use the PROCard.

The University offers standard computer workstation and laptops that can be purchased directly with your PROCard. Standards include Dell and Apple laptop and workstations for University Services, Main Campus, and the Medical Center. The Business School offers a Lenovo standard. Computer workstations and laptops outside the University standard recommendations should not be purchased directly on the PROcard.

Main campus faculty and staff members who are full time and not grant funded are on a campus-funded 3-year replacement cycle for their primary workstation. Click here for information on the Main Campus Replacement Cycle.

GU Purchase Order

Submit a printout of the price quote and a Purchase Requisition Form/GU Purchase Order to Elizabeth Goodloe (GU Purchasing Department) at 3300 Whitehaven St., N.W., Suite 2000 (Phone: 202-687-6042 or Fax: 202-687-2506).

Note: The purchase of a non-standard computer system may result in the loss of on-site support for that computer, or the institution of fee-based service. Contact Jacalyn Banks (202-687-8812, Fax: 202-687-1505, jlb48 @ if you have questions.

Exception Process: What if I need something else?

If you require an exception please contact Jacalyn Banks, Associate Director, University Information Services at jlb48 @ or 202 687-8812 for assistance. Exceptions are often required for machines intended for use with more data intensive software applications, some media applications, and research purposes. Consultation is designed to ensure that the workstation is compatible with the systems and services that you need and includes all the components that you require. For multiple or higher priced workstations and laptops, we can sometimes negotiate a deeper discount with Dell or Apple on your behalf.

Law School and Business School may contact their local technology centers directly for exceptions.

If you have further questions go to Frequently Asked Questions about Institutional Purchases or contact the Hoya Help Desk.